“The Winter’s Tale” Explained

The whole plot of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” is complex. The King and Queen are happy…. and expecting a baby.  Then the King decides that clearly his wife has had an affair with his mate (who has been in the court for 9 months…. and she convinced him to stay longer).  She denies the affair, but he throws her in jail anyway.  Later she gives … Continue reading “The Winter’s Tale” Explained

“The Winter’s Tale” – storyline resources

Here is a collection of resources aimed at helping you understand William Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale”. The whole play on YouTube The written text: The Entire Play here Summaries, character analysis and plot overviews: Sparknotes Enotes Use the above resources if you are completing particularly Achievement Standard 2.5 – where you have to compare and contrast 2 plays…. as well as if you are in … Continue reading “The Winter’s Tale” – storyline resources