The 12 Plays of Christmas – Directory

Hello!  After compiling 12 plays from William Shakespeare and presenting them to you here, I hope you have enjoyed the reading over the last 12 days.  As you may be aware, I am traveling to London in July to perform at the Globe Theatre, so every play on the list this year is one from Shakespeare.  I am very excited about this.  (Though I still need to keep working on fundraising to get there, and the blog helps with this, so thank you for reading).

Each of the posts has a brief rundown on the plays, and an idea or 2 about putting together a 15 minute scene for a performance from the play, and a link of where you can buy a copy of the playtext on Amazon. Here is the complete list of plays and a link to the post.

“Love’s Labour’s Lost”


“King John”

“The Winter’s Tale”

“Henry V”

“The Merry Wives of Windsor”


“Pericles, the Prince of Tyre”


“The Merchant of Venice”

“Henry VIII”

“Twelfth Night”


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