Performing Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus

This year for the SGCNZ Shakespeare Festival, I directed a sequence from “Titus Andronicus”. This is what I was thinking, and how it went in the long run, with video attached. The thing about Titus is that it is a very, very, very bloody play. It features everything horrid that you can cram into a play – murder, revenge, war, rape, cannibalism…. you know. The … Continue reading Performing Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus


Recently we have been working on creating original mini-pantomimes based on fairy tales. The group wrote “Snow White”, “The Wizard of Oz” and “Sleeping Beauty” into original comic plays. Covid has not made it any easier to perform. We still have constraints around audiences, use of costume and set, as well as finding everyone in school to actually complete a performance. I am hoping this … Continue reading Pantomime

Te Wiki o te reo Maori – Drama Class Starters

This week is Te Wiki o te reo Maori. As part of this, other than using more te reo in class, and discussion of stage tikanga, I am adding in overt teaching of Maori theatre at the start of each lesson. Here is a free set of class starters using YouTube videos with prompting questions for class discussion that I am using. Te Wiki o … Continue reading Te Wiki o te reo Maori – Drama Class Starters

North Island One Act Play Championships

Well, we made it to the North Island champs! This was exciting as last year we had plays selected, and then we entered a lockdown, and we didn’t get to go on any further. This year the celebrations were real. The struggle though was indeed improving the 2 plays that were selected in a short time period – just 2 weeks between the regionals and … Continue reading North Island One Act Play Championships

Wairarapa Regional One Act Play Competition

Just this last week, we took part in the Wairarapa Regional competition of the Theatrefest One Act Play competition. We had 9 plays, and 7 of these were ready for performance (covid-19 strikes again) for the competition. Some of our successful original pieces are as follows. In the coming weeks, links to these performances will be shared, with further information about the plays. Backseat – … Continue reading Wairarapa Regional One Act Play Competition

Teaching Theatresports

Back in the olden days, Improv was my first experience in Drama. Now as a Drama teacher, it is a whole different kettle of fish. However, I have FINALLY put all my teaching resources together for this unit, and I have released it into the void. If you are looking for a full and complete teaching unit for theatresports and improvisation, this will do the … Continue reading Teaching Theatresports

Resources for Teaching Drama

Heya all – it has been a time I am aware. However, things have somewhat settled, and I have been digitising and uploading more teaching resources. Why? Well, we had 2 massive lockdowns in my neck of the woods. I spent the first one as our schools digital teaching expert helping the teachers prepare and engage our rural students online. The second one, well, I … Continue reading Resources for Teaching Drama

The Arts Project: Day 6 and 7

Yeah, it has been crazy busy! Day 6: Pepeha Day Today was designed around preparation for our trip to Kohunui Marae. We worked on our Waiata, and talked about the pepeha of the song. So, a pepeha is basically a genealogy that connects to your family as well as the area you are from. When you introduce yourself with a mihimihi, you share your pepeha, … Continue reading The Arts Project: Day 6 and 7