Wairarapa Regional One Act Play Competition

Just this last week, we took part in the Wairarapa Regional competition of the Theatrefest One Act Play competition. We had 9 plays, and 7 of these were ready for performance (covid-19 strikes again) for the competition. Some of our successful original pieces are as follows. In the coming weeks, links to these performances will be shared, with further information about the plays.

Backseat – by Ngakau Aporo

Michael Tasman, a troublesome young boy who is sent to a secluded police station is accompanied by his Māori classmate, Rangi Harakore. Forcing the boys to form an unwelcome friendship with each other and society itself. This script has been entered in the national scriptwriting competition.

Empty – James Morland

Kyle Whyte is an old man who is admitting to a crime he did 25 years ago. We follow Young Kyle Whyte and him dealing with his stress and trauma from committing that crime. James Morland was awarded “Excellence in Acting” and this scene has been selected for the North Island champs.

Cynical – Sinead Latimer

Cynical is a play about a young girl at a house party who thought her crush just wanted to get to know her better. Turns out he wanted a lot more from her and would stop at nothing to get it. So as soon as she’s free all she wants is for her best friend to listen and comfort her through her trauma but the more her “friend” speaks, the more she starts to realise “maybe she’s right? It is my fault”. Abby Harbord was awarded “Excellence in Acting” for this role.

Patient 47 – Jasmine Loveday

Set in 2032 at a Boarding school for kids whose parents were too busy for them. Kids take many pills and have regular doctor visits. The things they learn in class aren’t things that are normal in fact they seem quite pointless. Many kids are confused on why they have to take so much medicine considering none of them ever feel sick. But they are permitted to not speak of it. One day the girl gets curious Because she seems to be having reactions towards the injections. She hides these reactions behind her hair. After skipping out on gym, she and her friend find out a shocking surprise about what the school actually is all about. Escaping is difficult. Jasmine was awarded the “Technical Enhancement” prize for costume, make-up, set and lighting. This scene has been selected for the North Island Champs.

Kiwi – Juanita McLellan

When Manukura was hatched at Pukaha Mount Bruce, Ted wanted nothing more than to join the throngs of visitors seeing the beautiful white Kiwi. Jonte Savage was awarded “Excellence in Acting” for his role as Ted in this production. This play has been entered in the National Scriptwriting competition.


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