Resources for Teaching Drama

Heya all – it has been a time I am aware. However, things have somewhat settled, and I have been digitising and uploading more teaching resources.


Well, we had 2 massive lockdowns in my neck of the woods. I spent the first one as our schools digital teaching expert helping the teachers prepare and engage our rural students online. The second one, well, I retained the above role, but I also found myself guiding a group of Drama teachers through online instruction in the Performing Arts. Now, I have no proclamation of being an expert in this field, but also, I have seen that there are actually no real experts in this field, and more and more of us are floundering in this current hybrid teaching environment.

And now my current role entails my favourite things – strategic planning and implementation of hybrid learning within our school. Which is exciting and daunting and, well, the best kind of scary.

To this end I have been looking to upskill and change what I do, and what I can show others, as well as what to share with others. I am still trained as a Google Trainer, and now have completed by TPT Easel Certified Seller as well, so I have been turning my resources into inter-activities over there.

I will try to highlight these in the coming weeks. And I will keep uploading more and more of them as time rolls on. I know that the current teaching environment is a challenge, and one that I refuse to back down from, even though this isn’t the teaching I initially signed up for…. none of us did. I am just trying to make the best of it.

For now…. I do have a new freebie lesson – 2 things that I know Drama teachers are looking for. 1. An easy way into Devising Theatre, and 2. Items ready for online instruction. In this lesson you can enjoy the face-to-face instruction with the kids in class, as well as set interactive work for when they have to be online or distanced. It is all based around the tale of the 3 Little Pigs, so is useful for younger students as well as high school students (who always try to make this an edgy piece). Please enjoy.

Introduction to Devised Theatre: The 3 Little Pigs FREE Drama Teaching Lesson


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