Te Wiki o te reo Maori – Drama Class Starters

This week is Te Wiki o te reo Maori. As part of this, other than using more te reo in class, and discussion of stage tikanga, I am adding in overt teaching of Maori theatre at the start of each lesson. Here is a free set of class starters using YouTube videos with prompting questions for class discussion that I am using. Te Wiki o … Continue reading Te Wiki o te reo Maori – Drama Class Starters

Teaching Theatresports

Back in the olden days, Improv was my first experience in Drama. Now as a Drama teacher, it is a whole different kettle of fish. However, I have FINALLY put all my teaching resources together for this unit, and I have released it into the void. If you are looking for a full and complete teaching unit for theatresports and improvisation, this will do the … Continue reading Teaching Theatresports

Resources for Teaching Drama

Heya all – it has been a time I am aware. However, things have somewhat settled, and I have been digitising and uploading more teaching resources. Why? Well, we had 2 massive lockdowns in my neck of the woods. I spent the first one as our schools digital teaching expert helping the teachers prepare and engage our rural students online. The second one, well, I … Continue reading Resources for Teaching Drama

Teaching Shakespeare

I’ve been passionate about Shakespeare since before I attended high school… however, I know this isn’t the case for many students… or teachers. Recently I returned from the greatest few weeks working with the Globe Theatre in London, developing a deeper love for Shakespeare and a passion for engaging even younger kids with his works. I developed this teaching unit for use in middle and … Continue reading Teaching Shakespeare