North Island One Act Play Championships

Well, we made it to the North Island champs! This was exciting as last year we had plays selected, and then we entered a lockdown, and we didn’t get to go on any further. This year the celebrations were real.

The struggle though was indeed improving the 2 plays that were selected in a short time period – just 2 weeks between the regionals and this competition.

However, the kids did really well. Jasmine added in more creepy extras- expanding the universe of the story on stage, rather than just having the crew move the set, they became part of the machine. Very creepy.

Fight choreography in Patient 47

James also improved his, with a new movement piece surrounding his swimming sequence, expanding on the use of sound and silence, and adding in a pop-up narrative. It worked well. The lead actor, Ngakau Aporo was selected for “Excellence in Acting” for his portrayal of Kyle Whyte.

Freya and James working the therapist scene
Ngakau as Kyle Whyte

We were not selected to perform at the National Showcase – which is sad, but we are fine with it. We still have 3 scripts in amongst the script writing competition, which while we are not confident of a placing, we are always hopeful, as it would mean we could attend the finals weekend in a different capacity.

And now the preparations for the one act competition 2023 start… as already I am seeing scripts and ideas appear in my inbox from people wanting to be more involved. I’ll provide links to the performances when I get a copy of them.


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