The Arts Project: Day 5

Today we challenged the students even further. We walked up to a local outdoor museum, “Cobblestones Early Settler Museum” and challenged them to be inspired by something, and create a work within 2 hours.

The point of this was 2 fold. Firstly we want to dig further beneath the surface of what it means to be a New Zealander. We have already investigated Te Papa, and this was a local history museum. Secondly, we wanted them to work with limitations, both in terms of time and resources.

We let everyone know that they would only have what they took with them, whether that was a pencil, paper, instrument etc. They would have to work within the limitations of the spaces available, not using electricity, it being cold and wet from overnight rain, and it had to be completed by 2:00pm.

Again, what they developed and shared was amazing. Even more incredible, they are now introducing their works and explaining what they were inspired by. I will link some of their performances here when I have them uploaded.

Next week is week 2 of the project. We are diving headlong into what life was like for the indigenous Maori of the area, as well as life on the coast of an island nation. We look on Monday at Pepeha, and where we all come from.

To be completely honest, I am tired. Not from anything other than just sheer volume of work. The work is good work, and the creativity coming out is amazing. But it is exhausting.

Actors working out how to use the stocks in their performance.
Musicians composing as they walk.

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