The 12 Plays of Christmas – Day 5 – Henry V

Welcome to Day 5 of the 12 Plays of Christmas. The 5th day of Christmas celebrates St Thomas Beckett, the Archbishop of Canterbury at one point.  So today’s play is “Henry V”, as well, the Archbishop of Canterbury is a character in the play.  That’s enough of a reason for me.

“Henry V” is a play that hardly needs introduction, as well, Henry goes to war with France.  And he wins at the end, and gets the girl.  As far as an action sequence goes, the play is filled with awesome battles and intrigue.  And a very sweet section where Alice and Katherine talk in French, and when Henry proposes to Katherine.

The battle scenes are amazing choices for combat work.  I have seen many awesome renditions of the battles. History plays tend to require an historical intepretation, though I have seen a cool version in modern combat gear.

As far as lovely choices for a 15 minute scene, I would look at the scenes with Alice and Katherine.  The scene speaking French is adorable, and the one following where Henry woes Katherine is just as lovely.  Not an overstated or expected scene choice, but it does allow some lovely moments for realism between actors.


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