Back on the Bandwagon

It has been a crazy, crazy year. This year Theatre has become my priority and taken over so much of my life. I have had the best time, from directing, to writing, to creating, to performing.

This has included working on original projects, working on my Masters in Creative Writing (scriptwriting), traveling to London to study and perform at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, devising, starting a theatre company, sitting on the committee of a community theatre, planning to build a new theatre space, and working with a group at the national finals of the SCCNZ Shakespeare Festival. It has been amazing.

So now that I have a wee moment (or 14) to write, I will promise to create a series of posts about my experiences, highlights, tips learned, and share a really awesome thing when it is released.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 11.17.05 AM
Our group on the Globe Theatre stage.



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