Teacher Planner Inserts

As some of you know, I am a teacher……. and director.  Crazy.  Planning is well part of my day to day life, whether I like it or not. I spent ages trying to find a cute planner for work.  And then I spent even longer trying to find something that actually functioned.  Then I gave up.  I bought a large A5 planner from Kikki K, … Continue reading Teacher Planner Inserts

Verfremdungseffeckt in practise

When dealing with Epic Theatre and Brecht, Verfremdungseffeckt or the distancing effect becomes an interesting point to make.  Basically the whole concept is about connecting to the message rather than connecting to the character. This site here has an awesome description of Verfremdungseffeckt. Here is a video of my students experimenting with “The Visions of Simone Machard” using Verfremdungseffeckt in an Epic style. Continue reading Verfremdungseffeckt in practise

All those fantastic Theatre ideas

When teaching (and learning) it is so helpful to have a swag of resources or ideas…. something there to help spark pure genius. Personally, I love Pinterest.  Everyone should have one.  While wandering about the internets, I simply pin really good or interesting ideas. This board here is a general board of drama teaching and learning ideas.  Follow along if you have Pinterest. Drama and … Continue reading All those fantastic Theatre ideas