Roger Hall’s “Book Ends”

Earlier this year I agreed to direct Roger Hall’s “Book Ends” for the Greytown Little Theatre.  Why this play?  I am still not sure what drew me to it, partly I think the challenge of dealing with older gentlemen, as generally I spend my days with the young.

I have had a ball working with these lovely chaps over the last few months, but it has been a hectic year.  This is my 8th large theatre project this year, outside of teaching that is.

But, it is funny.  And I would like to think we have put a unique spin on the play.  It opens tonight (Wednesday 22 November, 2017) to what I hope is a packed and adoring crowd.


Part of what I was hoping involved bringing the older generation together with the younger generation alongside… as people are people, and I would like them to both see each other as valuable.


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