2018 – My Highlights in Theatre

This has been an exceptional year. In case you are new here, I am a Theatre teacher… so I get to live my life doing theatre. And mostly, I love it. However, this year has been amazing for so many reasons. Here are my top 10 theatre moments of the year. Disclaimer…. I will say “amazing” a lot. 10. Troll. (Trick of the Light Theatre) … Continue reading 2018 – My Highlights in Theatre

The Arts Project: Day 2

Today we took 80 teenagers to the capital city, Wellington. And it was great. We started by going to Circa Theatre for a tour of the space. This was interesting for the Drama students who could see how a professional performance space was laid out, as well as looking at behind the building facade. (Long story… but BP paid for a heritage wall to be … Continue reading The Arts Project: Day 2