The Arts Project: Day 2

Today we took 80 teenagers to the capital city, Wellington. And it was great.

We started by going to Circa Theatre for a tour of the space. This was interesting for the Drama students who could see how a professional performance space was laid out, as well as looking at behind the building facade. (Long story… but BP paid for a heritage wall to be moved and it became a wall of the theatre).

Then we went to Te Papa to look at the Treaty and what Arts and Heritage mean to us in New Zealand. Students explored to find things that inspired them and collected random images and ideas.

They sang on the bus, which was very sweet. And they were amazing at Te Papa, such brilliant people. Very gracious, kind and patient with each other, and with museum patrons. And best of all, excited about learning.

Tomorrow they create art. And will present it.

The inner side of the Facade wall of Circa Theatre with Te Papa through the window.
101 Ways to Look at Art at Te Papa
The group singing on the bus – the hidden joys of teaching Arts students.

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