The BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall


There are times in my life where I throw caution to the wind and live reckless. This is probably 100% of the time these days. On the first day in London we went to the Albert Memorial to stretch our legs, and there it was, the Royal Albert Hall.

Then I fell in love with Prince Albert and how he wanted the people to have access to Science and the Arts. What a gem!

We were later taken on a tour of the Theatre. Beautiful. No inside images of the tour because it turns out that the BBC Proms were beginning. What do I do? I buy tickets to the show on the next evening I have off. I ended up with tickets to the 3rd night of the Proms, and a celebration of 40 years of the Young Musician Awards.

Talk about good times. Back in my youth I was a violin player. Not a good one, but I played. And it always made me happy. Seeing a whole room of people listening to classical music, and modern classical style music, was just epic. Our seats were right next to the Royal box, which was brilliant, though for a mere 5 pounds, one could have stood in the arena and watched.

I loved the segment with 4 pianists on 2 grand pianos, as well as the premier of new music commissioned for the event. Such a privilege. I have no regrets. A beautiful theatre, and a beautiful night out. If you are in London during the 3 months of the Proms, get tickets and go. No matter what. It doesn’t matter which night you go on, it will be astounding performances.


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