Top 5 West-End Theatre Experiences

I have been privileged to be in London for Theatre events a few times, and every time is brilliant. There really are no bad experiences on the West End, or in London in general for theatre. And to be completely fair, this list will include at least one thing that is outside of the West-End… but it is totally worth it.

Honourable mention needs to go to the following: “A Monster Calls” at the Old Vic – such a clever production, and the theatre apps for booking tickets and ordering drinks are genius.

5. “The Woman in Black”

This chilling play horrified me. I spent so much of the play hidden behind my programme. A classic horror story told so well, with an incredible soundscape. A really pared back performance, and great value for money. The theatre has a spooky vibe, and the staff are delightful. Well worth it, even if you are not a horror fan like me.

Everything about “The Woman in Black” was terrifying.

4. “Wicked”

Brilliant. Iconic music and effects, so seamlessly brilliantly crafted and put together. Such a high moment at the end of the first act. The whole audience gasping in unison for “defying gravity” is something not to be missed.

3. “The Lion King”

This was a play I wasn’t initially keen to see, but boy was I turned around before the curtain raised. From the first moment with the birds flying above me to the elephants walking past, I was well and truly on a journey. The music and puppetry was so well put together to be reminiscent of the movie, but so much better. The stampede remains a highlight.

Waiting for curtain up at “The Lion King”

2. Shakespeare’s Globe.

Technically not on the west end, but this is my list and I am breaking all the rules… lol. I recommend buying a groundling ticket to any of Shakespeare’s works. Having sat in the gallery and stood on the ground, be early with a cheap ticket, and lean on that stage. The immersive experience of being surrounded by people laughing and actors working with the crowd is not to be missed. At half time, pre-order your beer and pastie, and sit on the floor talking with those around you. Guaranteed good times.

Friends made in the audience for “Hamlet” at the Globe Theatre

1. “Hamilton”

I spent far too much money on my tickets but it was worth every penny. The audience was all in a good mood, the cast was outstanding, the theatre beautiful, and such lovely staff. I have a blog post all about my trip to see “Hamilton” in London, which was a brilliant day. There are not bad seats, every seat has a decent view, and the whole experience was delightful.

We Went to see "Hamilton"
We went to see “Hamilton” in the West End… and it was brilliant.

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