Performing on the Road – What’s in my Performance Box?

I go on the road a lot in performance. We have taken groups to different areas to perform, including overseas. I have performed shows that have different venues on different days. As well as difficult locations to perform in. What do I take with me? To be completely frank with you, I am a master at preparing for a performance; as a director, stage manager and performer.

The box itself. Usually the box fits inside a carry-on sized suitcase, because that is easiest to deal with.  I discovered this when I was performing alongside my 2 dogs… and that took a lot of organising, and extra things to bring with me. The box I use is water tight, and clips with a clip that allows the lid to hinge or be removed. It also has an internal dividing tray.

I’ll put the things inside the box into categories.

Health and Safety (yes, this is seriously the first category)

  • Basic first aid kit with plasters, antibacterial cream, throat lozenges, arnica cream, and ice spray.
  • Paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets.
  • Duct tape and insulation tape. Like seriously, you never know when a cable needs fixing down.
  • Extension lead and 6 point socket. You won’t need a massive lead, 5m is good.
  • Safety pins, bulldog clips and carabena clips.
  • Large water bottle
  • Medication register (write down anyone you give meds to, when, and how much… just in case)
  • Plastic tie top rubbish bags.
  • Paper disposable cups (someone always forgets a drink bottle)
  • Makeup and cleaning wipes – never leave a mess. It’s bad form.

Personal care

  • Rehearsal booties – long story, but I always carry knitted slippers and I get a hard time about calling them rehearsal booties. But Green Rooms are always cold!
  • Lap blanket. I have a minky exploding tardis blanket that has travelled the world on tour with me.
  • Earplugs, noise reduction headphones, iPod. Seriously, you need space sometimes.
  • Script (for anxiety moments when I think I have forgotten ALL my lines)
  • Warm dry socks and fluffy zip-up sweat shirt.
  • Aloe vera tissues
  • Moisturizer
  • Make up (which I keep in a separate box… I am allergic to far too many things)
  • Bobby pins



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